Chocolate Chip

Applied fascinations of Justyna


A tribute to what’s left behind the margin of mass production. Inspired by the action of looking  for left overs letters and damaged fonts I decided to create a font from treasures found underneath my natal forest. Just like gleaners I adopted the left over objects and found a new use for them.


photo 1(2)

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MonReal is a community communication project, interactive map/guide accessible to public as a responsive website for stationary computers and mobile devices that presents and enhances memories, stories and personal treasures associated with particular neighborhoods in the city of Montreal.


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Winter wishes is an interactive installation based on the idea of a wish tree. Many cultures believe that certain trees are sanctuaries and holy creatures. The Canadian version of a wish tree includes collected frozen wishes and hopes presented in a unique way as “une goutte de vie”.

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A short program that displays text and reflect Janette Winterson’s Lighthouse Keeping themes such as light/dark/blindness, immobility and change.

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A code generated typographic exploration that aims to visualize Marcin Świetlicki’s poem main theme- hamburger.

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