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To do some more

To do some more is a simple to do list application. It features a list of to do items. The items can be tagged by category and can be marked as done. The items as well as the categories can be added, deleted or modified. Another feature is an ignore switch which hides to do items. It is useful for break purposes and allows the user to feel less stressed, guilty and task oriented.

There are 4 pages in total. The first page is to do list and can be found by clicking on to do button in the tab bar. Second page is to edit and add new to do items and can be reached by either clicking on the new button or by clicking on the to do item. The third page shows and allows to edit categories; can be reached by clicking on categories button in the tab bar. Forth page is about page that features project description and can be accessed by clicking on about button in the tab bar.

The UI Components are, tab bar, switches, selectable and deletable lists and buttons. The tab bar is present on the bottom of the screen, on all the pages. The switches can be found on the to do items list and on edit do items page. The selectable lists are on edit /create new to do page. The deletable lists are on to do items and category pages. Various buttons can be found on all the pages except About page.

Categories page serves as a setting page and has a form to create new categories that influence the application behavior.


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