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3D Polish Embroidery

In this project I was interested in exploring organic forms, folklore culture and connect traditional Polish embroidery  with 3D printing technologies .


3D printed like figures made out of fabric, characteristic spherical design and intersecting lines creating affect of motion illusion and space.

#patterns, #fractals, #extruded design





I first sketched out the idea and studied different designs and origins of Polish embroideries, then selected patterns to be later on translated to 3D software Rhino.


Afterwords I used Illustrator for outlines and generated the patterns in Rhino by importing dxf files. Fascinated by the world of magic illusions, Moiré patterns I decided to map the embroidery onto specific angle construction which would give me a Moiré Illusion.


And voila my design is ready to print! As for the print I wanted to test the capabilities of different materials and 3D printers. I have tried Form 1 and raisin at IMu FabLab, Powder Printing at Concordia and PLA at Helios… So far I like the PLA the best and the layers make me think of threads. Here are the results!

IMG_8750 IMG_1942

To view and download the model go to

And here the box of interesting failures



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