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Applied fascinations of Justyna


Philoman aims to engage and entertain visitors of Philatelic Museum in Singapore. The prototype aims to celebrate a fascinating world of stamps and provide additional interactive aspects to exhibits. After multiple visits at the museum I made following observations:

1. Children get distracted and have short attention span, not many techniques addressing that problem

2. Most of the visitors don’t pay attention to displayed texts

The mobile application was designed to address these issues and function on hardware provided by the museum. In such set up visitors can move freely and the device is ready to be used anytime. Philoman allows the user to add a personal definition to the exhibit, listen to public inputs in form of comments, opinions, imaginary definitions. Second option is a media transfer to a digital wall, which portrays children drawings as stamps. Once the drawing is finished the visitor can simply take a picture through the application and view it displayed as short animation together with works of other contributors. The intended users are general public, adults, teenagers, and parents.


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