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Peter McGill

Éco-quartier Peter McGill is a Montreal organization that promotes and supports the development of my school’s  neighbourhood by reinforcing its identity, creation of various eco friendly initiatives and addressing communities’ needs in specific projects. Every year the community council launches an event called Forum Peter McGill, which is open to the general public and especially the residents and people involved within the Peter McGill neighbourhood. The event is an open invitation to brainstorming session, which goals have to do with the improvement of the district. The organization itself identified a couple of issues that is linked directly to the well being of the district- citizens. Touched by the passion and devotion of the organizers I decided to embark on the mission of creating Peter McGill neighbourhood. After all it is also where I live and go to school a better place. I was eager to know more and help with whatever skills I have. My main task was to develop the exhibit and address the issues in an interactive and participatory manner.

My roles:

  • Familiarization with the current struggles of the district
  • Responsibility for developing the visuals and insuring that event message connects to the larger context
  • Work with the team to come up with a selection of best techniques and proper displays to insure harmony in message and approach
  • Creation of visitor experience
  • Design of the floor plan, interactivities and graphics

The event was very successful and my efforts were recognized. I also learnt a lot in the process. The collaboration with Eco Peter McGill exceeded my expectations and enriched me on both personal as well as professional levels. I deepen my understanding of community run organizations and used my strengths and skills to inspire learning, social change and collaboration.


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