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Mon Real

MonReal: Personal digitalized memories from Montreal

realized in collaboration with Amanda Lee and Vivian London

MonReal is a community communication project, interactive map/guide accessible to public as a responsive website for stationary computers and mobile devices that presents and enhances memories, stories and personal treasures associated with particular neighborhoods in the city of Montreal.

The goal of the project is to engage and expose stories of individuals we met on the streets to form an open, connected, and remembering culture. There is nothing more interactive than a conversation which creates opportunities that can empower individuals and communities.

This initiative aims to connect the present with the past,  different social groups and nationalities through typography and technology. We believe that map is not only a physical representation of an area but of people and their stories and perspectives.

MonReal celebrates the multidimensional culture of Montreal neighborhoods and aims to preserve and digitalize memories to facilitate sociability, bonding, knowledge exchange and urban exploration.


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