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Makers Meet Up

Makers Meet up event is a true celebration of DIY culture open to all doers, makers, hackers, tinkerers, artists, crafters, engineers, educators, designers and geeks. It is a unique opportunity to learn about projects happening in the community and learn new things.

Makers Meet up is an opportunity that allows, tech enthusiasts, experts,  independent researchers to re-inform and share their knowledge with the broader public and together work on projects that are personal, innovative and beneficial to the community. Helios supports open culture, sharing economy, interdisciplinary practices, and also provide a platform for discussion on current undergoing global and local issues, tech discoveries and controversies, and media archaeology.

Many groups do not have a permanent location therefore Helios  also offers communities the opportunity to host events and make presentations. Helios Makerspace is equally trying to promote critical reflection as access to tools and low cost education.We aim to encourage people, collaborate and share resources. Our parallel mission is to  encourage people to understand the origins and politics involved in technology and various media production and their impacts on various societies.

Together with Lambert Le we hosted the first Montreal Makers Meet Up at Helios Makerspace, aiming to break down walls between art, design, science and technology, public and private as well as create opportunities for creative collaborations like no other. Other participating partners in the event included local Computer Museum IMusee and EchoFablab.

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