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One summer I went to Kathmandu, Nepal and taught multiple day woodworking course at Karkhana- an alternative education company. The goal was to introduce the participants to the broad field of woodworking and basic building techniques through a series of workshops. During the first days I was concentrated on finding tools and materials and setting a nomadic woodworking station. The objectives of the course were divided into 2 following categories

OBJECTIVE 1 #knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge of wood and wood related materials
  • Introduction to hand tools/ power tools/ stationary machines/maintenance
  • Assembly methods
  • Drafting, estimations, procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • Templates, mini production techniques
  • Furniture style, carving
  • Finishing techniques

OBJECTIVE 2 #project:

  • Picture frames, lamps, hangers, napkin holders
  • “Unusual” shelving unit for Karkhana

All the woodworking projects were fantastic. I am big admirer of Karkhana’s mission and was amazed by the high participation in workshops as well as devotion, passion and talent of the team members. I felt privileged to be among such wonderful people. My visit to Nepal although short was magical and truly inspiring.

To know more about the organization visit:

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