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Elevators Innovators


JUSTYNA AUSARENY- Visuals, Main Developer

JOSE SANDOVAL – Game Prototype Developer, Evaluation

FELICIA JONEBY – Documentation, Poster, Evaluation

JOHN LIM EN DIAN – Documentation, Prototype Developer, Evaluation


Buildings are becoming taller. We are using elevators every day and still many users do not consider elevators a social place, although there is a sense of closeness to other people.

Currently there is not much interaction in the elevator ride. It is common that passengers encounter feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment. The elevator space is not very comforting, it lacks vibrancy and stimulation. The question that arises is the solitary experience benefiting an individual more than a shared group experience?

We believe that elevator ride can be more interesting and engaging. Presently the norm inside an elevator is silence and stillness. Our goal would be to construct more of a shared experience inside an elevator, invent a setup which would encourage informational exchange that help in strengthening of the network ties. We hope to see that elevators become a place where people want to be in; a place that they look forward to be in.



1) Interaction through a touch screen in the elevator

2) Using visualizations to create an open environment

3) Engagement through gaming and interactive information display


The interviewed elevator users desire to see changes in the interior of existing elevators. Users claim that existing elevators feel like a metal cage where they feel trapped in a closed environment. By having the snowflake visualization that is displayed on all three screens in the elevators, it feels more like being  in a snowy environment.

Besides changing the visuals of the elevator, we have made the snowflakes also intractable. Users can press on the snowflakes which cause a pop up of information and QR code. These information are intended to be about local events. The QR codes allow the passenger to learn more about the events at any time. This enables users to meet to have an interactive experience with information.


During the elevator ride the passengers can also play a game. The goal is to do is to melt down as many falling snowflakes as possible. The software was designed accordingly to the specific context of elevator ride and included following concepts:

  1. Quick, to-the-point instructions
  2. Small learning curve
  3. Multiplayer





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