Chocolate Chip

Applied fascinations of Justyna

Digital Fabrication

3D Polish Embroidery is an attempt to connect traditional Polish embroidery  with 3D printing technologies. During the process I explored various ways of creating organic forms in modeliing ssoftwares and learnt about folklore culture and its relevance to 3D printing.


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Snail love is a tribute to snails, slugs, shells and a CNC project. For testing my model I used a 3D printer.

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Beats & Bits attempts to mingle the notions of body as a hybrid of machine and organism through a real heart model reconstruction which portrays humans as a creature of its environment, social reality and fiction. This interactive piece uses continuous movement in the form of lights and musical beats, creating a stimulating yet repetitive cycle – characteristic of every life. To be view as installation, it is a techno body part; a synthesis of human and machine that will make you skip a beat.

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