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Beats & Bits

Beats & Bits invites the viewer to explore the beauty of human heart anatomy and physiological activities inscribed into our culture. Although medical technologies are advanced, knowing how a human heart organ works is still a mystery. A human heart can be seen as biological and mechanical entity, as well as a source of identity associated with emotions. In our project we attempt to mingle these two notions of body as a hybrid of machine and organism, through the real heart model reconstruction which portrays humans as a creature of its environment, social reality and fiction. Inspired by the work of the father of interaction design Marcel Duchamp, we convert light (projections of audio-reactive visuals), liquids (fluids circulating through the physical structure), and musical beats (sounds from an 8 bit synthesizer and music) into continuous movement, creating a cycle characteristic for every life. Through this project we aim to explore the dualistic nature of the human heart and evoke feelings of pertinence to the apparatus. Our installation is a techno body part in which we interpret and translate the human heart as a subject of medical and biological laws, as well as cultural and emotional labels. It is a synthesis of human and machine that will make you skip a beat.

Justyna Ausareny, Amanda Lee, Kristen Sutherland

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