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1, 2, tree

I love building and making things and one of my favourite materials is wood. During my woodworking studies at Rosemount Technology Center I took over a little space and equipped it with basic tools and machinery. Shortly after I started learning about industrial drawings, price estimations, lamb yards and realizing my dream designs, making custom furniture as well experimenting with different materials and hardware. I also worked for Corner’s Shop and Peter Tucker to gain extra experience while working on my final projects at school.

One summer I had an opportunity to spent few exciting months working for a craftsman Uzi Geva in Tel Aviv, exploring different working techniques and wood species. After my return I decided to share the space and joy, therefore I invited Hal and Lashen to join me in the woodworking adventure. We called our group 1, 2, tree collective and had a great time sharing skills, knowledge, collaborating and helping each other.


As a woodworker and a woman I also wanted to inspire other girls, women to use tools and do woodwork. My focus was on creating unique furniture that would not necessary reflect the trends and standards/ stereotypes in the industry but personal visions.

At 1, 2, tree I understood that building takes lots of patience, research and discipline. There are steps that need to be followed and there is a necessity for creativity ,especially when working from a limited space with minimal resources. In the case of 1, 2, tree the limitations became opportunities for innovation.

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